Blonder Tongue’s New Zixi IP Processor (ZIPP)



Blonder Tongue will highlight their new ZIPP (Zixi IP Processor) next week at NAB in Las Vegas. Developed specifically to support Cable Operators and Broadcasters when using the Internet to transport linear programming between studios or remote origination sites, and headend or transmitter facilities.

The unit utilizes Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver software functionality to allow service providers acquire content from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection, without worrying about the video source location, and without incurring third party expenses.

The unit operates in two Zixi software modes:

  • ZIPP Mode: accepts high-quality video in IP or ASI, and processes four (4) transport streams (up to 20 Mbps each) with the Zixi video optimized protocol.
  • UNZIPP Mode: receives up to four (4) Zixi IP transport streams for outputting IP, ASI, or RF QAM channels. Note: Zixi link license for each transport stream is required and sold separately.

For additional information please contact Nickless Schirmer & Co..

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