New QIP Series of Dedicated Dual-Program IPTV Encoders with H.264 for Origination


Contemporary Research is excited to announce three QIP Dual Program IPTV Encoders to their HD video origination product line. The new QIP IPTV Encoders offer the same great features as the QMOD series of RF Modulators-IPTV Encoders but provide customers an origination solution for dedicated IPTV integration. The QIP-SDI HDMI, QIP-SDI 2, and the QIP-HDMI 2 have dual encoders that process two MPEG2 or H.264 video streams, each supported by a hardware scaler that can accept and format virtually all video between 1080p and 480i in NTSC, VGA, and PAL standards. Audio can be embedded, or fed separately to digital SPDIF or analog stereo inputs. Two NTSC inputs support composite video or video with closed captioning data. The new QIPs are fully convergent and able to output two independent single-program IPTV streams. “We are excited to offer AV Integrators more choices in HDTV origination, giving them more choices for digital RF and IP streaming. Our QMOD and QIP technology does just that – integrators can design for RF, hybrid RF and IP distribution, or IP streaming alone,” states VP of Technical Services Doug Engstrom.

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